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Get Answers to Your Neurosurgical Issue from Specialized Neurosurgeons

Fellowship-Trained Neurosurgeons from Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland/Shock Trauma Center now in Naples, Florida

Offering appointments on an expedited basis, accepting most major health insurances

Treating patients at both Physician's Regional Medical Center and NCH System

Comprehensive appointments with relevant imaging viewed together with patient and explained in detail

Seeing a neurosurgeon should not be so stressful. Neurological issues from disk herniations to brain aneurysms are complex and require care and dedication.

Beyond the stress of neurological issues, worries about whether your appointment will be covered or wondering if the imaging you obtained will be able to be viewed and waiting all the while for answers can strain any regular person.

At Apex Brain & Spine, we are committed to bringing certainty and clarity to your situation. Once you begin the simple process to schedule your appointment, we will begin working on your behalf to solve these problems and give you the answers you need.

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